segunda-feira, 24 de março de 2008

Mobile Learning

The main aim of this research is to study the impact of mobile technologies (mobile phones, PDAs, Pockets PC and Tablets PC) in the teaching and learning process. The project focuses on the impact of mobile technologies in individual and collaborative learning. Moreover, we intend to analyse if the mobile technologies will contribute to modify students’ attitudes towards school and towards learning. The technologies we are interested in have a small screen dimension, comparatively to desktop, so the model of designing a Web page for these mobile devices will have to be adapted to their dimensions. We will conceive Web pages, exercises, activities adjusted to these limitations. We will also integrate audio and video through podcasts, to facilitate access to learning. For interaction and communication we will use the email, the service of instantaneous messages and the service of IP voice.

Conceptual Maps

Conceptual maps are valuable tools which greatly help students with significant learning. CmapTools allow not only the building of conceptual maps and sub maps with very diverse links, but also the sharing and negotiation of ideas and knowledge from everyone’s contacts on the Web. According to Jonassen (2007) conceptual maps are excellent cognitive tools to develop complex thinking. It is essential that further experimental studies are undertaken in their various forms of use, construction and implementation as well as their use at different levels within the education system and with students of different ages. As it is a strategy to help to learn and organize learning materials, their dissemination through experiences or studies is important.